Packaging Compliance

What you need to know

  • Obligated packaging producers must register and meet their waste packaging recycling and recovery responsibilities.

Please have a look at our checklist to determine if you need to be registered:

  • Has your company, or group of companies, handled 50 tons or over of packaging material in the previous year?
  • Do you have a turnover of more than £2 Million per year ?

You are officially classified as a handler of packaging if:

  • You carry out any of the following activities or have them carried out on your behalf:
    • Raw material manufacturer – produce raw materials for packaging manufacture
    • Packaging conversion – convert raw materials into packaging
    • Packing/filling – put goods into packaging or put packaging around goods
    • Selling – supply packaged goods to the end user
    • Importing – import packaged goods or packaging materials from outside the UK; this includes raw materials that will become packaging, for example, plastic pellets used to make bottles
    • Service provider – a business that supplies packaging by hiring it out or lending it
  • Own the packaging on which the activities are carried out
  • Supply packaging or packaging materials at any stage in the chain or to the final user of the packaging
How WERCS can help

Please contact WERCS for a compliance health check and quotation.

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